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Tips for installing a post rail fence

If you have purchased a post rail fence you might be wondering how to put it together the right way. It should be kept in mind that installing a fence requires careful planning and preparation in order to ensure that your end result is high quality and looks good.

Keep the following things in mind before you install the rail fence.

Preparing the site for a post rail fence

The first thing that you would need to do is to prepare the site which means that you would have to remove the old fence and also clean up the area. So that you get rid of all the dirt in the debris so you can work in a clear space.

Once the fence arrives you would need to unpack the posts, rails, pickets, Gates and other hardware.

It is important that you place all the components in the right position along the fence line and the spacing between each of these components should be uniform. Doing so would allow you to get a visual representation of what your fence is going to look like after it has been installed.

Usually the fence would come along with rails which easily slide into the posts. Most of these rails have outturned tabs which when pushed into the post. These spring out and fix the rails firmly inside but also allows enough space for contraction and expansion.

You would need to make use of a gauge in order to cut the size of the post. For the correct spacing you would need to subtract the width of the post to the post spacing and the gauge can be used to cut up  posts made of PVC or a length of timber.

It is recommended to use two string lines in order to set up the post correctly. One should be at the tip of the Post and other should be on the side the string lines along the level and the gauge would make it easier for you to install everything accurately.

If you are planning to attach a gate to the fence you must need to seal the ends of the railings which get into the post. The end of the rail would need to be stuffed with foam or any kind of sticky tape and this would prevent the concrete from flowing into the rails. Once this has been done you would need to fit the hinges at the right distance between the post and dig the hole. Fill the holes with concrete and let it sit overnight before you start fitting the gate. Setting the concrete overnight would allow you to have a sturdier fence and gate design.

Before you purchase designer post rail fences, it is important that you buy it from a reliable manufacturer. Make sure that you take out a time to study the different kinds of fences which are available in the market in which one is best suited for your property.

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